Thanks Shailesh, I learned a great deal from your CAC Live Online training program that I'm using in my daily work. Excellent course , enriched by the wealth of experience you drew on and anecdotes shared. CEAC training class: It was FAR better than I expected. You covered so much more material than I thought existed on the topic ... and by the end, I felt that I was equipped to go out and pitch, design, and run an enterprise-wide Agile transformation by myself. Now, that would be a tall order, but certainly I'm now fully equipped to become a valuable member of a transformation team. Thanks to you, Shailesh. Great course -- MBA-level ! Planning to take your "Transformation Coaching" class.
Turning point in my career! Your Agile Coaching program is one of the best training programs I had ever attended. Your years of practical experience, credentials, education, and fluency on content is unmatched!!!
I recently took the CAC training offered by Shailesh and found it very informative and full of useful content. Live Online training provides an opportunity to learn and advance your knowledge to further your career with added flexibility and convenience. Great experience!
Thank you Shailesh for sharing your years of knowledge and expertise with us. Your CAC (Certified Agile Coach) training is 2nd to none! I can't wait to take your CEAC class in March !!!
I attended CAC (Certified Agile Coach) this past weekend. Great training program, easy to understand content and language. He is an Expert in this field. Both his education/credentials and practical experience was blended in this training program. I would highly recommend his training programs (CAC and CEAC) to anyone who is interested in pursuing career enhancement or lifelong learning opportunity!
This was an awesome class!!!! This is so exciting and I am so happy for an awesome and amazing teacher. Shailesh taught me so much in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe and to be successful at each of these and the Agile principles show in my work everyday. Thank You
CAC (Certified Agile Coach) was a great training class! Structured course content, easy to understand teaching style, plenty of real life experience sharing and Q & A enhanced my learning experience. I have already signed up for Shailesh's second training program - CEAC (Certified Enterprise Agility Coach). I highly recommend his training programs to Agilists who wanted to enhance their learning and career.
Charlotte Pic
Shailesh made CEAC program equally compelling for Agilists and executives alike. Any executive evaluating how to guide their company into the technological future should consider this course. Shailesh demonstrated his extensive background and experience by illustrating concepts through first-hand examples and encouraging discussion to explore complex topics. Enterprise Agility will aid companies in adapting to changing technology and position them to remain competitive as disruptors enter the market. Great experience!
CEAC (Certified Enterprise Agility Coach) Training - Shailesh (The instructor) is very experienced and has an extensive real-world background. He provided excellent practical advice and examples when answering scenario-based questions from students.
Your CEAC (Certified Enterprise Agility Coach) is the best training program I have ever experienced in my entire career! Just like your CAC program, your years of experience, teaching mastery and practical real-world situations/scenarios and challenges made this program a great experience for me! I will look forward to your other programs.
I attended CSU's Certified Enterprise Agility Coach (CEAC) program. Shailesh made this training program simple and easy to understand with several real life scenarios and challenges. He is a master and an expert in the subject. This was my one of the best training experience ever! I highly recommend CEAC class for Agilists and Leaders.
CEAC is a useful class for anyone trying to navigate the organizational and leadership issues that come with an Agile transformation. Shailesh shares his wealth of enterprise coaching experience through informative case studies, industry models, and engaging class dialogue.
I've taken many Agile courses over the years, this CEAC course was the best and most detailed course that covers the entire Enterprise Agile Framework. It is complete! I am an experienced IT Professional and Agile Coach. I felt that this course contributed immensely to my personal development.
Thank you Shailesh for teaching the CEAC class. By far one of the best class, I have ever taken, incorporated with extensive material and interactive discussion. Your years of rich experience and passion both in the industry and teaching is clearly reflected in the course curriculum and delivery. Excellent experience for agilist and leadership!
Shailesh is one of the best coaches at an Enterprise/Executive level. During CEAC training, he broke many misconceptions and misunderstandings about a Scrum Master, an Agile Coach, and an Enterprise Coach. Shailesh is a great trainer. We went through an intensive training very smoothly. All the content is very meaningful and covers necessary areas for an Enterprise Agility Coach. Thank you very much for such a wonderful course.
CEAC Class: Course was well balanced (theory and practical). Shailesh kept a great pace with encouraging questions/comments and participation from all. Collaborating with peers was very insightful to me. He has tailored this class and content to be fun, engaging and thought-provoking. He is a very knowledgeable trainer with wealth of real life practical examples! I would highly recommend all his programs to all my peers! Shailesh, thank you for sharing your invaluable experience and expertise— I will be attending your other courses in the near future.
Shailesh (trainer) shared live/real life examples during the CEAC (Certified Enterprise Agility Coach) training. He provided very valuable, well organized and relevant course content. He demonstrated right level of energy, passion and great enthusiasm.
The Certified Agile Coach (CAC) training is focused on coaching in an agile environment. The content includes a vast knowledge of agile thinking and pragmatic challenges experienced by practitioners on a daily basis. The value of the training is in the knowledge of how to apply this depth of content in workplace. One of the best training programs so far. Shailesh is very experienced trainer with mastery on breadth and depth of the content and delivery. I do recommend this program for all agile practitioners.
The Certified Agile Coach [CAC] class training was awesome! I loved simplicity of the entire course content. I’m totally blown away by the exposition of those “soft skills" that truly sets an agile coach apart. Those soft skills are truly the “defining factor” of an exceptional agile coach. Shailesh’s teaching technique and knowledge delivery is second to none. I would recommend this experience for any inspiring or practicing agile practitioner. I appreciate this opportunity and I'm looking forward to the CEAC [Certified Enterprise Agility Coach] training experience at Dallas, TX on May 25 - 26 ...Can't wait!
The Certified Enterprise Agility Coach (CEAC) training workshop was extremely informative, intuitive, and comprehensive. The content was presented in very simplistic manner and yet was very effective. This program gave me an opportunity to look at the Holistic Enterprise Coaching Strategy. I would highly recommend this program to Agile Coaches, Executives, and anyone who is passionate about professional knowledge and growth. I wish Shailesh all the very best and I am sure he will have a phenomenal success going forward.
The CEAC (Certified Enterprise Agile Coach) offers an excellent training on the various practices, challenges, scenarios and coaching skill set required to coach an Enterprise through an Agile Transformation. The Instructor's (Shailesh) years of experience and expertise, mastery in Agility was a great help in understanding the dynamics of organizational culture and business agility. I highly recommend this course for individuals wishes to further the knowledge, capabilities and techniques to be an effective Enterprise Agile Coach and Agile Leader.
I attended the Certified Enterprise Agility Coach (CEAC) at Dallas, TX location. Shailesh has an unbelievable breadth and depth of experience. What makes him such a Pinnacle Trainer is his genuine love, passion, and dedication to agility as a transformational discipline. He isn't just trying to simplify things into actionable knowledge, but he wants to raise the Agile Community to the next level. You won't regret coming to any of his training workshops!
Michael Gurrero
CEAC Training Class was more than I could have expected! This training will allow me to take the next step in my career. Great training! Thank you Shailesh for making this possible.
CEAC Training: Shailesh was very personable and his teaching was very conversational and interactive. I am an experienced Agile coach and practitioner but I always look for new ideas and real-world scenarios that may be applied in the current operating model of my work place and this course certainly helped with that objective. I would recommend Shailesh's CEAC training class for anyone that is looking to add/enhance their Agile practices. It provides a discipline that may help to anticipate and respond to changes in business needs, with agility and control. Best training ever received from any trainer!
CEAC Training: The training was outstanding! I liked the fact that we did a deep dive on Coaching Agile at an Enterprise Level. Very important and useful information. Great trainer. I highly recommend this training for all Agile Practitioners. It should be mandatory for all "C" level executives!
CEAC Training Workshop: I would like to give Kudos and a big shout out to Shailesh for an excellent training class. It was an interactive session with a like minded group of participants and real world examples. Having taken other trainings from Scaled Agile (SAFe) and others, this is by far the best training that has helped me in getting a better perspective of Enterprise Agility from a Professional Coach and an Executive Coach. Shailesh takes time to explain the concepts and making sure we leave the training informed and appreciated.
CEAC Training: I have attended many training courses throughout my career. Some were extremely costly. But not a single Agile, Scrum, Project Management, Change Management, Scaled Agile training delivered in-depth subject matters such as coaching models, agile enterprise coaching, organizational leadership, servant leadership, culture, systems and systems thinking, organizational design, organizational structure, complexity theory, and so much more. And I do mean RICH dense in-depth (we went deep) training that can be put to use immediately! Shailesh is a phenomenal teacher, trainer, facilitator, and coach! These attributes made the course all the more meaningful to each of us individually. The CEAC Training is a Master’s Program with all examples coming from real life experiences. Everything taught had immediate practical application. This was many courses in one! Thank you for providing training that exceeds your participants’ expectations and is beyond the norm!! Undeniable Excellence!!!
CEAC training workshop: The role of an Enterprise Agility Coach is very complex, nuanced, and, sometimes, misunderstood as compared to other agile coaching roles. The course helped me visualize and understand the enterprise coaching role and how it differentiates from other roles. Shailesh, what a great course! I’m looking forward to taking more of your agility and transformation courses.
Your CEAC class was absolutely great! The insights and ideas on servant-leadership was second to none, and practical experiences you shared with us were all thought-provoking. I would highly recommend this great training program to all Agile Practitioners.
CEAC training class has all the necessary tips, techniques, guidance, templates, tools, and goodies required to be an Enterprise Coach. It clearly differentiated the roles of Agile Coaching and Enterprise Coaching. If anyone wanted to explore the Enterprise Agile Coaching, it requires a different mindset, skills, tips, techniques, and tools than Agile Coaching. This class explains it very well. Person stories and wealth of experience from Shailesh helped all of us to understand the concepts better. The interaction in the class among the classmates gave us different perspective and enabled us to learn from each other. Great learning experience! Highly recommended training!!!!
Shailesh is a wonderful Instructor, resourceful to the point, and engaged with the students. The CEAC course has been a very positive and pleasant experience with lots of opportunities to discuss read world scenarios and challenges. I would recommend Shailesh to any person who wants to excel in Agile. His pleasant demeanor and great listening skills made it easy for all of us to converse with him. He has vast experience in addressing business related challenges that are practical. This training program exceeded my expectations.
CEAC Workshop: A big thanks to Shailesh for an excellent class and for one of the best courses I have ever came across! I highly recommend this training for all Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Aspiring to become Enterprise Agile Coaches, and Agile Leaders. This course gives you the in-depth training on Enterprise Agile Coaching, Organizational Leadership, and Business Agility to drive business outcomes and business value for the enterprises.
I was delighted to be a part of the CEAC Training class on June 8 - 9, 2019. It was engaging, insightful and I'm confident that this course will positively impact me and my future Coaching/Enterprising work! Highly recommended trainer (Shailesh) and this CEAC training program!!!
CEAC Training Workshop: This training is geared towards achieving Enterprise Agility within any given specific organization. It is impossible to achieve Enterprise Agility without first focusing on Culture, Mindset, and Values of the organization. Shailesh covered these areas and much more with practical examples. I am very impressed with his style of teaching, simplistic answers to the questions and wealth of experience. This class was next to none!!! I recommend this training for all Agile Enthusiasts!!!
Certified Agile Coach (CAC) Training 6/29 - 6/30 Shailesh was amazing teacher and I hope he will become a mentor to me as I take on this new avenue in my career. His leadership guidance and this training class confirms that Agile Coaching is the correct path for me to follow. I already possess the key fundamentals and soft skills to continue to foster improved Agile performance with current and future teams. With the extra skills I have learned in this class, I know I will have necessary tools, tips, and techniques to succeed as an Agile Coach. Thank you so much Shailesh for this career enhancing training!
The Certified Agile Coach (CAC) is a great program in the Agile Coaching field for professionals who is familiar with Agile Principles, Manifesto, and Methodology. The program covers multiple roles you will play as a coach, dives deep into coaching essentials, such as soft skills, and expands into real world examples that can be taken back and applied in your own organization. Great training!
This is my second training class that was taught by Shailesh. I attended CEAC (Certified Enterprise Agility Coach) training just last month. The CAC course is nicely crafted to focus on the soft skills side of Agile. As a CSM I wish I had some of this 7 years ago when my Agile journey began! The dynamics of each team you will work with are different and this skill set is something you will come back too consistently. This training program is well worth of your time and $$$ you will spend! Highly recommended for Agile Practitioners!!!
As an Agile Coach and Trainer Shailesh earns my highest recommendation. Thank you for the most interesting two days training workshop led to Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (CEAC). It was such an information and interesting training. I am sure it made of all of us participants realize the true value of working as an Enterprise Agile Coach! Great class!
After coaching for years, I found that even the very detailed SPC certification had serious gaps, especially regarding how to influence executive leadership. Fortunately, Agility4All, through Chicago State University, has put together a great new certification CEAC (Certified Enterprise Agility Coach) to help fill this gap. I was desperately in need of some guidance in my current engagement, and luckily the stars aligned, and I was able to join Shailesh’s CEAC training workshop. If you are an SPC or Agile Coach/Enterprise Coach, you really need training and guidance about how to engage executive leadership and understand organization dynamics necessary for achieving Enterprise Agility. The SPC focuses heavily on tactical implementation and not enough on strategy and persuasion like CEAC. The course has been an excellent guide to help me grow from team and program agile coach toward my goal of enterprise agile coach.
Kim Duncan
CEAC curriculum was a sure way for me to gain clarity on the Role of an Enterprise Agile Coach. The class also provided a clear definition of what Business Agility is and what it is not. We reviewed and learned a variety of Business and Process models that will allow for an increase of intelligence conversations with C-level leadership. The class also highlighted many different areas whereby we must become agile in order to achieve true Enterprise Agility. We have also walked through various approaches to transformation for organizations that wants to be truly agile and implant practices for the best results. Shailesh also provided many real-world case studies to connect the expressed concepts he presented. I would highly recommend this CEAC training workshop to anyone wanting to learn more about Enterprise and Business Agility.
There was a lot of relevant discussion within the course which directly entails my current transformation journey during the overall Agility within the organization I currently coach. Some of the discussions revolved around present scenarios about Agile acceptance within the org, the role of a coach during the transformation journey and how an Enterprise Coach actually differs from team coaches/Scrum Masters in general. What I enjoyed the most was about the interactions the course provided in bridging the gap between business, IT and Enterprise-wide departmental silos, to form then into a major Agile Transformation portfolio that can be applied during the journey. A continuous learning platform which I would recommend if you wish to be an Enterprise Agile Coach. Strongly recommend this CEAC training for all Agile Practitioners!
The CEAC class taught by Shailesh filled in all the gaps I've experienced in Agile transformation as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach. Enterprise Agility is the key to a company's success in adopting agile, and the knowledge I've gained during this course will surely increase the value I bring as a coach, as well as their success in adopting Agile. One of the best training I have ever had in my career!
Broad coverage of Interdisciplinary studies across relevant, current Agility needs and responses. Well-presented Graduate-level interactive learning experience. Great content, delivery and highly interactive training!
One of the biggest take-away for me was realizing the importance of the role you play as a Coach. One other thing is of great value is the different approaches you can take from presenting to putting to practice techniques that would help facilitate difficult discussions to help a transformation to take place.
David Ochoa
The overall 2 days course is pack with Enterprise Agile Coaching related valuable information and skills. Shailesh delivered training content and presentation with great enthusiasm. He provided me with knowledge that I can apply/practice definitely. Great training!!!!
Sohaib Khan
The content that was covered in CEAC curriculum is not covered elsewhere in any other training programs that I am aware of! Well balanced course content, theory blended with practical real-world challenges/examples, and excellent delivery by Shailesh! I found this training program very valuable and I can apply the learning right away in slow increments at my work! I highly recommend this class to all my colleagues and connections!!!!
Sid Paul
It is very difficult to achieve Enterprise Agility without first addressing on Culture, Mindset, and Values of the organization. Shailesh covered these areas and much more with practical examples in the CEAC training workshop. This is by far the best training that has helped me in getting a better perspective of Enterprise Agility from a Professional Coach and an Executive Coach. Shailesh takes time to explain the concepts and making sure we leave the training informed and appreciated! Thank you for providing training that exceeded participants’ expectations and is beyond the norm!! Undeniable Excellence!!!
Srinivas Badri
No praise is enough for my experience with CEAC training workshop with Shailesh! The curriculum is designed to incorporate concepts and content in a very simplistic manner with abundant practical and real-world examples. Shailesh demonstrated very high level of energy, passion, and enthusiasm during delivering the training! He is a SME in this field! I highly recommend this CEAC training program to all involved in achieving Enterprise Agility!!!!
CEAC Training: I liked meticulously designed course and its contents with appropriate weight is given to each and every chapters. Shailesh is an expert and was through with the role of a Enterprise Agile Coach, framework, mindset, cultures, and values needed to transform the organization. I was fascinated with his great experience, various certifications and his commend on the subject matter. Th learning will give me a new dimension to achieve my next goal in my career as an Enterprise Agile Coach. I liked motivation quadrants, Enterprise Agility drivers, and interactions in this program. The training was very concise and with required topics. I would recommend this course to my friends.
I liked as to how different this class was from typical classes available in today's market place. Even different from CAC (Certified Agile Coach) class that was focused on "team coach" training as CEAC is focused on "whole organization coaching". Shailesh is very fluent in all that is Agile, extraordinary passion for what he does as a trainer as well as giving us a guidebook to becoming a pure Agilists! As for my current job, this training will give a leg up above in terms of coaching agile teams. It has prepared me to transform myself into Enterprise Agile Coach. As for long-term goals: I know this CEAC class will put me into next level of my Agile journey! My favorite topic was showing the difference between "Doing Agile" and "Being Agile". I would recommend this class to any current CSMs and Agile Coaches that want to take their career to the next level.
I felt like I have achieved the goal that I had from this class! I wanted to understand what Enterprise Agile Coach roles, responsibilities are, competencies requirements are, which Shailesh did a great job communicating that to us in the CEAC class. Shailesh uses lot of real-life examples from his deep knowledge. He has been in the Industry for a long time and worked in many industries in various capacities which shows in his presentation skills and in the content that he covers. Great overall experience!!!!
The course content was very comprehensive and well researched. Shailesh is very passionate and has great oratory skills and body language. This training provided me with a jump-start to overcome the initial inertia and from here on I can use the tips/techniques/tools provided by Shailesh from my toolbox. I can now build upon this knowledge and training into action at my workplace. This will also provide me with a recognized certification which will be valuable for me in my present and future engagements. I have attended many trainings in Agile in the past 20+ years and this is one of the best trainings as far as content and delivery is concerned. I will be definitely recommending this course to my colleagues and friends as I found it very valuable. We were provided time to interact and learn from each other well. Thank you Shailesh and Good Luck!
CEAC class was very informative, different than other Agile courses I've taken in the past! Shailesh is one of the "Best Instructor" I've even had the pleasure to be trained by. This training will definitely help me to take my team to the next higher level. This training will definitely assist me in making the smooth transition from Agile Coach to Enterprise Agility Coach. Amazing Instructor and the class!!!!
CEAC Class: My mindset has been completely changed. The class has provided a road map and framework for taking agile framework to another level and by extension my career. I have new tools to help my teams and company embrace the mindset and face challenges. The class was fun. Shailesh was a dynamic trainer and was quite adept at making it all seem simple. My favorite part of it - all participants were sharing their challenges and brainstorming for the solution. I highly recommend this training program for anyone interested in taking their career and knowledge to the next level.
CEAC Training Workshop: I have been waiting for such a class to move to the next level from being a Scrum Master for the last 7 years. I believe this class will take me to such a level. This class taught me more on being a better Agile Coach and for an Enterprise. I will recommend this course for others!!! Great class Shailesh!!!!
What better way to become Agile than living Agile? The Enterprise Agility Coach course has helped me refocus on why businesses go Agile. The course targets business metrics as its main measure of success. It also highlights the importance of soft skills to become an effective coach. Shailesh is a wonderful instructor that not only brings examples to every subject, but listens and encourages all students to collaborate and participate in group activities and discussions. If I could pick one thing from the course, it would be to BE AGILE and not to DO AGILE. I highly recommend this class to all Agile Practitioners.
CEAC Training Workshop: I love the contents of the topics as well as the discussions about each of topics. Shailesh is a subject matter expert on Agile Enterprise Coaching. He is an excellent facilitator, kept everyone’s interest and was able to engage with all participants. This training will help me transition to a coaching role this year. I enjoyed the Enterprise and Business Agility topics the most. I liked the detailed discussions and clarity. I would recommend this training to my peers in the Agile community and at Agile/Scrum meetups.
CEAC Training: The material and methods of instruction are great for total beginners and experienced Agilists alike. Shailesh clearly understands the requirements of the learners and his presentation of the material is great. I am fully prepared to handle more challenges than ever before. I feel fully motivated to start my new role.
Shailesh conducts his training in a very systematic way. It is very informative and detailed. Very impressive class with nice interactions. Awesome interactions with fellow participants. Shailesh is highly knowledgeable and played a vital role in teaching the class about enterprise coaching. He has presented topics exceptionally well and created such a positive environment in the class - everyone loved the class and participated to the fullest. This training is going to help me in implementing a majority of enterprise concepts with ease using the knowledge that I have gained, and the material provided. Interactions, Doing Agile vs Being Agile. Mindset, servant leadership different types of agility, etc. were phenomenal. This is a unique class in terms of knowledge shared, examples provided, the creation of positive vibes and keeping everyone involved and focused.
Michele W
CEAC training from CSU: I found the class to be very intuitive and very informative. I found Shailesh to be very knowledgeable and well-versed in the material. He took the time to break down and explain the fundamentals. I especially enjoyed the chapter on Agile and Agility as well as the concept of Doing Agile vs Being Agile. There were so many other chapters that I enjoyed as well but I particularly liked the 4 areas that the class was broken into: Agile and Coaching, Organizational Elements, Enterprise Coaching and Agile Implementation. Shailesh was a delight and I am excited to take the other classes that he has to offer, especially the Master’s Certificate in Agile Management (MCAM). This certification is much needed and desired within the industry. I highly recommend this class and all other training classes from Shailesh.
Byron L
I enjoyed the class interacting using real word examples of the roles of an Enterprise Agile Coach. Shailesh shared many examples from his professional experiences which were relevant to the topics. This is going to help me in my role working with the Federal Government clients supporting numerous Agile Transformation Initiatives. In addition, this will be of value as I continue towards the achievement of my Master’s Certification. I enjoyed getting a better understanding of enterprise coaching modules. I look forward to attending future agile courses to obtain the Master’s Certification in Agile Management (MCAM).
Andrew C
I took this class having 12 years of hands-on Agile experience as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach and found the class to be very beneficial and helpful, giving me a lot of actionable ideas and improvements. I’m going to start implementing the skills I learned next week with my client. Shailesh has a lot of in-depth Agile experience and shared a lot of great real-word examples, as well as encouraging class members to also share and learn from each other. As a bonus, I loved how the certification is for life and does not need to be renewed.
This class is very beneficial to those who want to be an Enterprise Agile Coach. I’ve learned so much in this class on the concepts of lean thinking to system thinking, Cynefin framework, the Agile Coaching methodologies to Enterprise Coaching, etc. This is step above a course for Agile coaching where you look at the Enterprise as a whole on how you can transform the current Enterprise processes and systems to Agile. It’ll help the enterprise to improve on customer service, customer focus, speed to market, and business agility. Shailesh has in depth knowledge on these topics. He delivered the materials in a precise and clear manner. I enjoyed and learned so much from this class that I decided to sign up for his Agile Transformation Coaching class.
This class is well presented both in terms of coaching as well as materials. The instructor has a good command and in-depth knowledge on the subject and market trends. The material is well covered from structure and system of design, simplifying complex systems and designing system with versatile grasp of knowledge-based people.
This was an excellent training and it exceeded my expectations. The topics were current and we had great discussions about real life problems, as well as some of the many ways to solve them. I felt that I could relate to the complex topics discussed in the class Overall I think this training provides a great set of tools to apply to the enterprise and get desired results.
The CEAC course with Shailesh went above and beyond my expectations. It covered all aspects of organizational transformation - from organizational design, structure, culture, strategy, complexity, systems, etc. It was in-depth, interactive, informative, and Shailesh was highly knowledgeable on the subject matter.
This course was recommended by an Agile Coach within my company. I admit I was hesitant to enroll at first. After further research, I took a leap of faith and forged ahead. I am proud to say this course clarified questions that I’ve had for some time. I’m confident that I can use my CATC within my current employer and beyond! I do highly recommend this program!
Shailesh Thakkar taught the Certified Agile Transformation Coach, CATC, from a place of experience in the industry and passion for all the benefits of Agile. Between a comprehensive presentation deck, to a wealth of business experience examples, Shailesh helped break down the walls of successful agile coaching. I am excited to apply the knowledge I have obtained to my daily agile transformation experiences.
The Certified Agile Transformation Coach training is focused on Agile Transformation. The content includes a vast knowledge of Agile thinking and pragmatic challenges experienced by practitioners daily. The challenge to apply and transform organizations I the Agile framework and practices is huge and very difficult to teach. As I am currently in a turning point of my career this course helped me to become a better Agile and better Agile Transformation Coach. Very well structured and timed, with many real companies references and examples. Thank you Shailesh for sharing your many years of knowledge and experience with us. I would recommend this course to other Agile practitioners and fellow project and program managers. Great experience, great course!!
The Certified Agile Transformation Coach training by Shailesh Thakkar has been a very interesting and invaluable experience and gave a very good perspective. It makes the group think and enable the interactive discussions and knowledge sharing. There has been constructive input and guidance throughout each step of the two-day training. Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be a successful agile transformation coach.
Joe Burroughs
The CATC course has been a wonderful experience. The material is a deep dive into the true skills, processes, and areas of focus required to lead a successful agile transformation at the enterprise level. The other attendees have been truly inspirational both in their experience, talent, knowledge, and willingness to share. This has already been the best agile training I have received to date.
Great class! It started with the reading material which included an awesome course study of how a 21-year-old college graduate successfully transformed the island of Cambia to protect a parrot which only exists on that island. I learned the importance of leveraging identity as a strategy for inciting an sustaining change. The class provided valuable info from concepts to concretely constructs, processes and tools essential for a successful transformation. I am proud to have taken this 1st of a kind training.